19th Anniversary of 9/11/2001

What an incredible crisis we are experiencing on this 19th anniversary of 9/11/2001 ! The nation and the world are experiencing a perfect storm of covid pandemic; climate collapse; economic depression; racial, ethnic, religious, class conflict. In hindsight, the 9/11/2001 attack on the Twin Towers was a warning for this new millennium. For me, it was the trans-formative event of my life.    Over ten years, I wrote the Twin Towers Trilogy, which really was a mystical experience of the death of the God I had grown up with. I was in Monterey, CA, and I was 72 years old when I saw the Twin Towers disintegrate. The two tallest skyscrapers on the planet were destroyed by ten Muslim boys who  hijacked two of our own planes with razor sharp boxcutters. For me, it was the definitive end of the monotheism practiced by about 4 billion people on the earth. How could the God of the Muslims authorize such a suicidal slaughter of innocents? How could the Judeo-Christian God of the west justify revenge in the name of His “Infinite Justice” ? For me, the Twin Towers site was the grave of this fabricated God,  of all the monotheistic religions.  During the 68 non-stop hours of driving back from Monterey,Ca to New York, I had a mystical experience of a different deity, without an Ego, who immediately taught me that I had no Ego either. Just as we had invented God in our own image and likeness, we had invented our own Ego’s, and they were all fabricated for our own personal survival.     Now, on the anniversary of 9/11, I sense intuitively that my own personality, my own Ego, is a false, fabricated self that I have sweat for a lifetime to preserve, while my true self is hidden deep within me, in  a sacred place that is pure gift, unearned grace, and it comes from being born human.     Of course, our personality types still need to be understood, both to celebrate our strengths, and work on our weaknesses. But underlying each personality type is our true mystical, eternal self that is organically connected to God, or whatever you choose to call the numinous or sacred source of the universe.

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