The Truth Will Out

            For about twenty years, Donald Trump has made up his own reality, his own truth, and simply dismissed real truth as “fake news.” But there is something sacred about truth. Truth is ultimate reality, and ultimate truth is synonymous with God, whatever we humans, through the centuries have conceived God to be. Atheists will say there is no God, but they are not talking about ultimate reality, they are talking about the myriad versions of God that they cannot accept. But everybody believes in ultimate reality, even though most of us have no idea what it is. Ultimate reality is the truth.

              Death is part of this ultimate reality. 207, 000 deaths from Covid-19 is the truth. President Trump tried to deny this truth. He tried to deny the truth that a microbe is stronger than he is, that this hidden micro-horror can kill hundreds of thousands of us, even millions of us, if we don’t acknowledge the truth of its hidden power, of its invisible poisonous destructive venom .  When you deny truth, then truth denies you. This is what is happening to President Trump. The Greeks had a word for “thinking you are a god,” it is “ hubris.”  When you combine narcissism with hubris, you bring forth a sociopath.

              For those of us who still pray:  Pray for President Trump.  Amen

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  1. Sal Umana

    “The Truth Will Out” received the most comments of all of my blogs so far. Most of them were on Facebook. Surprisingly, to me, they were mostly about abortion, not about the denial of the dangers of the Pandemic. Could it be that abortion, right to life of the fetus, and right to choose of the mother, are really a distraction from the real issue, which is the denial of death from this horrendous pandemic? Dr. Fauci yesterday announced that another 200,000 Americans will probably die of the virus this winter. ( But, of course, we have to rush through the confirmation of the Pro-Life new Supreme Court Justice? Again, I repeat, ad nauseum: Nobody is in favor of abortion. Why are so many seemingly in favor of enough people dying (especially vulnerable aging,and colored, essential workers, until we reach “HERD IMMUNITY” ?

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